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We empower individuals and communities by providing opportunities for them to restore, grow and soar through programs, support groups and event offerings.
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Each 1 Teach 1

We support our members through training, coaching, mentor programs, support groups, seminars, and other educational means. In addition, we vigorously promote programs that align with people-centric modalities for the highest measurable results.

Tranquil Oasis 

We support our members by providing opportunities for restorative practices through safe environments and self-care methods. The best quality of care comes from a  position of overflow, emotionally, mentally, physically, and energetically.

Phone A Friend

We support our members by proactively engaging in conversations that provide active listening. When clients feel heard and understood, the results can spare a life and be life-changing.

Phone Operator
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Creation Through Collaboration

Through our Annual Summit, partnerships, and unique member experiences, our community has access to leading innovators, experts, and changemakers who are bringing awareness to the importance of trauma healing.

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The Power Of Us


The POU Conference is an impactful three day immersive experience. We are bringing some of the leading experts, creators, clients and collaborators to share insights and innovative ways trauma can be experienced as a treasure. 

In person, virtual and hybrid options are available.



Use the power of your voice and influence to accelerate the change you want to experience.
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